I got into Harvard Law at age 20. Now, I’m unemployed and living in my parents’ basement. You could say I’m pretty versatile.

Once, I used a fake ID for the first time in my life so I could get into a 21 & over storytelling competition. I got 2nd place — pretty good for a fake adult, right?

I have always loved public speaking. Maybe I’m biased from my 10+ years of…

Are you following these 8 incredible writers yet?

A sign with the number 8 is posted on the middle of a brick wall. The sign is oval in shape, and black and white in color. The bricks are red and brown.

There are so many fantastic writers with disabilities here on Medium.

As a disabled writer myself, I’ve found community with these phenomenal people. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in our struggles and experiences.

And if you’re not disabled, you have the chance to learn so much about something…

People in the LGBTQ+ community know the difficulties of coming out. And — this might surprise you — so do people with invisible disabilities.

Coming out can be really hard. I spent many years in the closet—but probably not the one you have in mind.

I’m not talking about the sexuality closet: where everyone assumes you’re straight until you declare that you are not. …

Can you tell I have a fraught relationship with healthcare?

Two hands are visible. Both hands are in blue latex gloves. The person is using their right hand to put a latex glove on their left hand.

In high school, I went to a neurologist who told me I never experienced a spinal cord injury (which… I did). He then told my mom to shut up.

That doctor sucked.

In college, I was underweight and unable to eat due to horrible stomach pain. I saw a GI…

This is a public service announcement that my 7-month unemployment stint has come to a close.

Three weeks ago, I published a story with the subtitle: “I got into Harvard Law at age 20. Now, I’m unemployed and living in my parents’ basement. You could say I’m pretty versatile.”

For reference:

One could call this subtitle vulnerable. One could even call it oversharing.

I call it…

My apartment building is now significantly less accessible… thanks to me

A zoomed-out image of two accessible parking spaces side-by-side, sharing an accessible aisle. The parking lot is grey, and the accessible parking spaces are painted in bright blue paint.

I graduated college in May 2020. We had a lovely COVID-era graduation ceremony. It was a PowerPoint.

I was so excited to move to downtown Phoenix (15 minutes away from where I just finished school) into a one-bedroom apartment all on my own. …

The story of how I was paralyzed during a soccer game and how I returned to the field 2 years later. Things did not work out.

Soccer was my life.

Like a lot of other kids who grew up playing a sport, I loved the sport I played. I identified with it. I identified with the people. I identified as a soccer player.

Then I was shoulder-checked during a game, landed on my tailbone, and became…

For the longest time, I didn’t know I was grieving.

Mackenzie is 11 years old, in a wheelchair, rolling down the hallway of a hospital. Mackenzie is wearing the red soccer jersey she wore when she was injured. Her brown hair is in two braids.

I’ve been grieving for 11 years. Though I was paralyzed and disabled in 2009, I only recently came to understand my journey with grief.

In middle school, once I was out of my wheelchair, I grieved by pretending it never happened. I would join musicals and other activities that were…

There are some truly incredible writers with disabilities on Medium. Here are 8 of them, along with some of their best work.

If you’re not following any writers with disabilities on Medium, you’re really missing out.

Medium has such a vibrant, talented community of writers who share their everyday stories and experiences with disability. …

In my defense, I doubt it was the weirdest thing someone had tried to put into a coat check before.

Okay, hear me out. I never meant to ruin this guy’s night. But in retrospect, I’m kind of glad I did.

It was February 2019, and I was in the midst of the application process for Harvard Law. I visited Boston for a week to attend different classes and tour…

Mackenzie Saunders

Storyteller. Walking paraplegic. Incoming Harvard Law School student. Editor of Destigmatizing. Top Writer x3. Living in AZ, USA

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